A new study published in the scientific journal ( ) has revealed the possibility of developing a drug to treat a problem.

The researchers behind the study indicated that this drug, which was originally used for treatment, had a significant effect in stimulating hair follicles to grow again in the laboratory.

This medication contains a specific substance that targets a protein that inhibits hair growth and plays a role in baldness.

The researchers, in turn, stressed the need to try this drug more and better to ensure its safety and real effectiveness.

This drug was tested on in vitro hair follicle samples taken from 40 men who had undergone hair transplant treatment.

They found that this drug reduced the activity of the aforementioned protein, which is called (SFRP1), which contributed to hair growth again.

Now, researchers are working on developing a drug that targets this protein, without any side effects or negative symptoms resulting from it.

The researchers reported that this treatment would be a revolution in the world of hair, and the final solution for those who suffer from this annoying problem away from the topic of hair transplantation.