The Director of the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) Robert Redfield announced that there is a possibility of a second wave of influenza, and stated in an interview that this wave may be stronger than the current one, because it may coincide with the start of the influenza season.

Redfield said in an interview with the Washington Post: “There is a possibility that the second wave of the Corona virus will be stronger and more difficult than the one we are currently experiencing, and unfortunately when I told others about this, they did not want to listen and did not understand the meaning,” and added: “We will witness Pandemic and Corona virus at the same time.

But if such a thing happens during the coming winter, it will cause a huge burden on the health sector and drain it and its energies more than what is happening now.

Redfield stressed the need to start preparing for a new wave, especially because the issue of home quarantine or staying at home began to be tolerated in the United States of America and globally as well.

But how is it possible to prepare for such a wave? The development of any vaccine for the emerging corona virus needs a long time to be on the market, and this time may reach 12-18 months, so it is important to take other steps, including:

  • Law enforcement even during summer
  • Providing a large number of tests that detect infection with the virus
  • Providing a database that helps keep track of people who have had contact with any infected person in order to contain the infection.