Hundreds of people have developed severe and severe lung problems in the United States, which have been linked to the use of .

Besides, about four people have died as a result of these problems as well, according to American health experts, most of them young people.

But what is the truth of the matter? Here are the most important details.

Lung disease risk category

It should be noted that all people who use e-cigarettes fall into the category of risk for lung disease associated with these cigarettes.

Therefore, the US Food and Drug Center appealed to everyone to try to avoid using these e-cigarettes and to stay away from buying them from unknown sources.

And in a report published in the scientific journal (The New England Journal of Medicine), it was found that 17% of patients used electronic cigarettes that contain THC, and another group used cigarettes that contain a substance called THC.

Unfortunately, the danger in using electronic cigarettes lies in not knowing and understanding the chemicals in these cigarettes and their long-term effect on humans.

What are the symptoms associated with electronic cigarettes?

There are some symptoms that would accompany the use of e-cigarettes, which include:

  • Tired
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • high body temperature
  • Shortness of breath that worsens with time.

With the diagnosis and examination of the infected cases, it was found that the damage to the lungs is similar to that caused by a virus or bacterial vision, but without the presence of the pathogen.

And health specialists in America stressed that it is necessary to stop using these electronic cigarettes until the cause of the resulting disease is determined, in order to ensure the safety and health of people.