The results of a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge revealed that it can reduce the risk of injury and stroke if consumed on a daily basis.

The researchers behind the study targeted 94 participants, aged between 50-75 years, who had no history of diabetes or infection.

The researchers placed the participants into three main groups, which were as follows:

  • The first group: They were asked to eat 50 grams, which is approximately three teaspoons of coconut oil
  • The second group: They were asked to eat the same amount but from
  • The third group: They were asked to eat unsalted butter and the same amount as before.

It is worth noting that all participants had to do this on a daily basis for a period of four weeks.

The researchers then noted that those who ate butter increased their LDL cholesterol by about 10%, while those who ate olive oil had a slightly lower LDL cholesterol, and the good LDL cholesterol increased by 5%.

While the first group that took coconut oil, their HDL increased significantly, by 15%.

Based on this, researchers believed that consuming coconut oil on a daily basis would reduce the risk of heart attack as well.

The researchers stated that there is a need to do more research on the same topic and over a longer period of time to confirm these results.