WebTeb contracted yesterday with the Nabd application in order to facilitate easy access to information to the Arab reader.

The Nabd application is the first free application that provides the latest local, international, political, women’s and health news, in addition to all different fields, with the feature of alerts for breaking news.

Majed Abu Khater, CEO of WebTib, said: “We have recently established a special partnership with Nabd, which is concerned with strengthening cooperation between the Nabd platform and the reputable local and international sources of all categories, which is beneficial to all parties.”

Lina Al-Omari, Operations Director of Web Medicine, commented: “This cooperation will help us reach a larger number of Arab readers, and thus spread awareness and knowledge about the necessity of a healthy lifestyle and all matters related to health.”

Abu Khater emphasized that WebTeb’s goal is to improve the quality of life and health of the Arab citizen as much as possible through the seamless information provided by WebTeb.

The website is the first comprehensive and integrated Arabic encyclopedia, which deals with health and medical topics on the Internet, providing approved information in partnership with many international health authorities such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School in America.