The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has warned against the use of a type of medication by women who are able and willing to have children, given its health risks to pregnancy.

The authority clarified that a drug can be used by women who are able to have children, unless all conditions for joining a contraceptive program are met.

It should be noted that this drug is available under a variety of different trade names.

The authority indicated that this drug can be taken by women who want to become pregnant if:

  • Full knowledge of the possibility of fetal abnormalities
  • The doctor will show you the contraceptive methods that can be used while taking the medicine
  • The necessity and necessity of using two methods of contraception
  • Each pregnancy test should be negative one month before taking the drug, during each month, and one month after that.

It is worth noting that this drug works on, especially acute, and it is taken orally.

As for the risks of taking this drug, it is the possibility of causing serious malformations to the fetus, even if you stop taking it in one month of pregnancy, so consult your doctor about the most appropriate period for pregnancy after completing this treatment.

The risks that may result from taking this medicine are:

  • External malformations: such as the presence of one ear, the large size of the fetus’s head, or abnormalities in the eyes
  • Internal abnormalities: such as those affecting the heart or nervous system.