Yesterday, there were many warnings warning parents of the necessity of supervising children when watching cartoons on Youtube Kids because of the scary Momo.

As Momo, who is in the form of a scary doll, appears to children while watching favorite cartoon programs in the middle of it, to start saying frightening phrases that affect the child’s mental health.

He had noticed an increase in the number of parents recently and avoided talking to his parents because of this scary doll.

Momo does not resemble the human form, but her face is frightening, and her expressions are terrifying, not only that, but she also asks for strange things from the child and he has to implement them, and some of them may reach suicide and killing oneself.

In another context, the Momo challenge had spread online last year, targeting teenagers, a similar challenge or Maryam game.

However, it reappears targeting children, and on their dedicated YouTube channel, flowering not at the beginning or end of the episode, but in the middle, when the chances of a child being alone are too great.

It is worth noting that it is important to always monitor children, and to stay informed of everything that is going on around them, especially on the Internet, in order to preserve their safety and health.

Pay attention to what your children tell you, and don’t neglect anything that may be worrying, and make it clear that it is important not to interact with any strangers on the Internet and that you should always be told what is happening with them.