Health professionals have revealed that it should not be used with dedicated cotton.

In a new report published in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the specialists indicated that inserting this cotton into the ears would cause damage to the ear canal and the eardrum, and that this contributes to pushing the wax into the inner parts of the ear.

Specialists reported that these cotton sticks are capable of infecting the ear.

On the other hand, the specialists confirmed that the ear canal is cleaning itself, and that the excess wax is falling from the ear on its own to the ear flap to be cleaned from there with a clean and soft cloth.

In the event that you feel the need to clean the ears from the inside, it is possible to go to the specialist doctor, who will in turn clean the ears in a correct and proper manner without causing any harm to them.

The researchers emphasized that the advice that should reach all people states not to insert anything into the ear in order to clean it, as it cleans itself automatically, and you only need to wipe the ear flap.

In some cases, wax may be inserted into the inner parts of the ear during the cleaning process, to accumulate there, and the person has to undergo surgery in order to get rid of it.