The Saudi Food and Drug Authority warned against leaving cosmetics in the car, which could lead to damage.

The authority indicated on its official account on the social networking site Twitter that if medicines and cosmetics are left in the car, the high temperature will spoil it.

She explained the matter as follows, if the outside temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the closed car is as follows:

  • After 20 minutes of being in the sun: the temperature inside the car is around 31°C
  • After 40 minutes: the internal temperature rises to 47 ° C
  • After 60 minutes: the temperature has reached its maximum, which is about 50 degrees Celsius.

So, the presence of medicines and in this very hot environment would damage them, so that we use them again, causing damage to our health and our faces.

It is important to pay attention when leaving the car that you have taken all the important things such as medicines and cosmetics with you outside the car, and if you forget one of them inside the car, it is important to get rid of it immediately and destroy it and not use it again even if you feel that it is usable.

Protect yourself and your health and don’t let that be tempted.