The health authorities in the United States of America and Canada have warned against eating romaine lettuce due to the spread of E. coli bacteria.

Where the American Health indicated that 32 people were infected with this bacteria in the states, and 13 of the injured were hospitalized. While the number of injuries in Canada was limited to 18 people.

Because of the fear of the spread of bacteria among people, the authorities in both countries made it clear that people should get rid of romaine lettuce, if found in their homes, and that restaurants and shops should not serve lettuce during this period.

In addition, the authorities indicated the need to follow the following tips that contribute to reducing the risk of infection with bacteria:

  • Constantly, especially after using the toilet, handling animals and food
  • Clean vegetables and fruits well before using them
  • Store raw meat away from cooked meat.

What are these bacteria?

It is known as Escherichia coli, and it lives naturally in the intestines of healthy humans and animals.

But there are certain types of these bacteria that can cause disease if they enter the human body through contaminated food or water, especially raw vegetables and meat.

Usually the infection recovers from this bacteria within a week, but children are more likely to develop serious complications as a result of infection.

Symptoms of infection appear 3-4 days after the bacteria enters the body, and the symptoms are:

  • Slight to severe, sometimes mixed with blood
  • Abdominal cramps and pain
  • Nausea and vomiting in some patients.