The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has warned against a certain type of product that is sold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She pointed out that the honey product of the brand (Ghost honey) manufactured in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan must be disposed of.

The authority clarified in the statement that it published on its official account on the social networking site Twitter, that this product does not contain any expiry date or batch number, and that the manufacturer of it is called International Competence Company.

It reported that the warning about this product came because it contains a specific drug substance called (Vardenafil), which is usually used under medical supervision and affects patients with high blood pressure, heart and the elderly.

In addition, this honey product contains a high level of another substance, which is hydroxymethylfurfural, which is formed as a result of poor storage conditions and exposes the product to high heat, which causes health damage to the consumer.

The authority advised consumers to avoid this product and dispose of it if possessed, in order to preserve the safety and health of citizens.