The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has published some tips to help prepare the school breakfast bag in a safe and healthy manner in order to maintain the health of children.

The authority indicated on its official account on the social networking site Twitter that these tips include the following:

  • It is important to clean hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before preparing food.
  • Make sure the amount of food: the amount of food for the child should not be more than he needs so that the remaining food does not rot.
  • Prevent contamination: by using cutting boards designed for fruits and vegetables and not mixing them with those used for meat.
  • Close it tightly: keep your child’s school lunch bag tightly closed and out of the sun’s rays that can damage the food.
  • Type of food: Diversity of the child’s breakfast contents helps increase the nutritional value of pancakes, fruit, water and juice.
  • Keep it cold: Make sure to keep your child’s lunch bag at a cool temperature until you put it in, and if possible, it is preferable to put ice bags to keep it cool in the hot weather.

It is important to ensure that the school bag food is eaten during the first recess as much as possible so that the food does not spoil later on.