The man, Jerome Hamon, underwent the world’s first face transplant in Paris in 2010, which involved the transplantation of tear ducts and eyelids as well.

During the same year, Jerome was infected, so that doctors gave him the immunotherapy he was receiving incompatible, to start his body rejecting the new face in 2016.

The health of Jerome’s new face deteriorated in 2016, so doctors had to remove it last year. As for Jerome, he remained in the hospital without a face until a new donor was found, and a second face transplant was performed for him.

Jerome had to stay in the hospital for several months after the surgery, to be able to recover, and Jerome noted that he feels adjusting to his new face now.

The doctors and nurses in charge of his case expressed their admiration for Jerome and his bravery to undergo a second face transplant despite the complications associated with it.

It is worth noting that Jerome got the face of a young man who was 22 years old, who died in a traffic accident near Paris.

Doctors confirmed that Jerome underwent many treatments to help his body adapt to the new face.

Thus Jerome is the Three-Faced Man, the real one and the others who were transplanted to him!