The Saudi Food and Drug Authority published on its official account on the social networking site Twitter the most important instructions and steps that must be followed when

The authority indicated in its publication that the leftovers of hot food should be placed directly in the refrigerator or cooled by placing it in the refrigerated container in ice or chilled water.

It is also important to cover foods, as this helps keep the food moist and protects it from odors in the refrigerator.

While placing food in flatware contributes to the faster cooling of the food, and this is a useful method for that.

She explained that it is wise to divide the remaining large quantities of food into more than one container before storing.

The authority stressed the need to dispose of leftover food if left at room temperature for more than two hours or for an hour at 32 degrees or more.

If you want to eat, it is preferable to follow these steps:

  • Heating food at 75°C
  • Covering food while heating in order to maintain its moisture and increase the speed of the process
  • The need for soup and liquids to reach the boiling point.