This 28-year-old man, who then feels severe pain accompanied by various symptoms such as difficulty walking, is taken to the emergency room.

When examining this man, doctors found that he had a ruptured blood vessel located in the neck area, which led to the formation of a blood clot, and threatened to cause a fatal stroke.

According to the doctor in charge of his condition, it was very critical, as the cracking of the neck led to the rupture of a major artery working to transport blood to the brain.

The doctor, in turn, pointed out that it is rare for a crack in the neck to cause this, but it is possible!

The doctor confirmed that if the neck is cracked and that is accompanied by pain in it, this may be evidence of a rupture of the artery there, which requires immediate medical intervention.

The patient felt severe pain and numbness in the left side of his body after cracking the neck, so he used ice to treat the problem.

While walking to the kitchen to get ice, the man noticed that it was very difficult to walk, especially straight, so he called for medical help immediately.

After conducting the necessary tests, it was confirmed that he had a rupture of one of the main arteries in the neck.

Doctors warned against cracking the neck because of the potential health risks it may carry, the most important of which is injury.