Our bodies periodically perform a continuous and automatic cleaning process, to get rid of dead skin and remnants of microbes and foreign bodies. These outputs appear in the form of sweat, urine, and secretions from many parts of the body, such as oily vaginal secretions.

This is followed by a person cleaning his body parts and getting rid of these secretions outside the body, especially the outputs of the reproductive organs, but these secretions may accumulate in the folds of the vagina, or on the tip of the penis in men, causing what is called smear.

In this article, we discuss the meaning of genital stinging, and how to prevent greasy vaginal discharge.

What is smegma?

The accumulation of dead skin cells, with the secretions of sebaceous glands around the genitals, and other vaginal fluids leads to the formation of what is known as or greasy vaginal secretions, smegma affects both men and women, especially uncircumcised men.

The appearance of smegma does not begin before puberty, as the body secretes more oils in the genitals in addition to other physical changes, and the secretion of smegma decreases after, as the fatty secretions of the vagina decrease a lot after reaching this age. (1)(2)

Smeg symptoms

Smeg or greasy vaginal secretions appear in women between the folds of the labia, or around the lid. If neglected and not disposed of, the smear causes painful complications and an unpleasant smell from the vulva. Fatty vaginal secretions are characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Thick, cottage cheese-like secretions.
  • White or darker in color, depending on the color of a woman’s skin.
  • The unpleasant smell that approaches the smell of curd.
  • Clit sticking to the hood. (1)(2)

Causes of greasy vaginal discharge

The oily secretions of the vagina are produced on a daily basis, with the aim of moisturizing and softening the vagina, and preventing itching and dryness, which is a healthy, natural process.

  • Accumulation of oils secreted from the vagina, sweat, and other fluids.
  • Lack of good periodic hygiene of the vagina, which is the most important cause of fatty vaginal secretions.

Oily vaginal secretions are not contagious, they do not belong to sexually transmitted diseases, and they are not transmitted through skin contact either. (3)

Oily vaginal discharge treatment

Regular and personal hygiene of the vagina is the easiest way to get rid of smear or treat oily vaginal secretions. The following are simple steps that can be followed during the process of cleaning the vagina:

  1. Gently pull out the vaginal folds.
  2. Washing the vagina with warm water and unscented soap, taking care not to pass the soap through the vaginal opening into the vagina.
  3. Gently dry the vagina and vulva with a clean towel.

Smear is not usually accompanied by itching or burning, or pain at the time of urination, so when you notice these symptoms or change the shape or color of fatty vaginal secretions to dark yellow or green, you must quickly go to the doctor for the correct diagnosis. (4)

Prevention of smog in the genitals

To ensure that oily vaginal secretions do not accumulate or smear, the following is recommended:

  • Keep cleaning the vagina daily with water.
  • Stay away from vaginal douches and douches, as they disrupt the bacterial balance of the vagina.
  • Wear breathable cotton underwear, and avoid tight clothing.
  • Gentle handling of the vagina during cleaning and avoiding scented products of all kinds. (3)(4)

Sexual intercourse can be practiced safely despite the presence of fatty vaginal secretions. Smack is not an infectious disease, and it is not very dangerous, as its complications include redness and swelling of the vagina, and it is easy to treat smear and get rid of those annoying symptoms.