Yesterday, doctors confirmed the successful birth of the first child from a womb that was implanted in the mother’s body.

Where doctors delivered the woman through, to be the second operation in the world, after the first that took place in Brazil at the end of the previous year.

The doctor in charge of this case indicated that the operation took place safely, and that the child and her mother are fine and in good health.

On the other hand, the subject of uterine transplantation is still being researched, and its use has increased recently, so it is important to study all the options available to women in this field.

The girl’s mother needed a uterus transplant as a result of a health condition that affects one in 500 women and affects the functioning of her uterus.

In 2017, the woman underwent a uterine transplant and was able to become pregnant in 2018, through artificial fertilization, so that the birth was smooth and easy.

The doctor in charge of the case stated that they aspire to make these exceptional events a reality for women who have problems achieving pregnancy.

In order to make this process successful, there was cooperation from a large number of different medical circles.

It is worth noting that five surgeries have been successful to implant a new uterus so far, three of them have succeeded, while the others have not.