The results of a new study published in the scientific journal (American Journal of Infection Control) found that the ball pool for children contains a large amount of .

Where the researchers behind the study indicated that they studied more than 6 different places, and found more than 31 types of bacteria in these places, knowing that some of them may cause disease in children, such as .

The researchers pointed out that the danger lies in the pools of balls located in public places and restaurants, which can contain food residues, vomit, urine and other things that can never be expected.

It is worth noting that these places are not usually cleaned accurately and continuously, as it is difficult to clean all the bowls and places in these ponds.

After studying these balls, the researchers found that one ball contains an average of 170,8818 bacteria!

The researchers reported that some types of bacteria would infect the child’s body and cause various health diseases.

The researchers stressed that it is necessary to issue special laws to clean these places, in order to protect children.

Finally, the researchers warned parents not to take their children to these places if they suffer from any wounds in the skin, which contribute to the easy entry of bacteria into their bodies.