Doctors in the German capital, Berlin, announced that they had succeeded in delivering a brain-dead woman.

The doctors indicated that the medical devices that assisted the woman in her delivery were separated 48 hours after the delivery.

In the statement published about her condition, the doctors explained that the mother had contracted meningitis during childbirth, which led to the deterioration of her health and the death of her brain.

Despite this, and from the tragedy that occurred, the doctors were able to deliver the baby in good health.

Incident details

Last week, the woman went to a hospital in Berlin to give birth, but complained of pain in the head and neck, to be diagnosed with meningitis.

Meningitis is a rare disease that sometimes fails to treat.

A quarter of an hour after the woman was in the hospital, and after her health deteriorated, she was unable to identify her husband, only to be declared brain dead a few hours later.

Doctors decided to keep the medical devices on the woman in order to save the baby, as the woman was successfully subjected.

Doctors confirmed that the girl is in good health.

Forty-eight hours later, the doctors separated the medical devices from the mother and pronounced her dead.