The results of a new study published in the scientific journal (Emotion) revealed that it would reflect positively on your health.

The researchers behind the study explained that during the experiment, a dog from the participants watched sad videos and then put their hands in ice water, and the researchers noted that those who cried while watching these clips, their body dealt with ice water better compared to others.

The researchers noted that the group that cried, had a greater respiratory rate and endurance during the experiment compared to the others.

The researchers reported that crying acts as a mechanism that helps the body in the process of coping and healing, and this may be due to the psychological changes that occur during crying.

Where it is believed that crying helps rid the body of toxins, and also reduces difficult psychological matters.

During the experiment, the researchers confirmed that women are more likely to cry than men, and after examining the cortisol levels of the participants, they found that those who cried, had a more normal breathing and heart rate compared to others.

In conclusion, the researchers reported that the effect may vary from person to person, but in general, crying may be good for mental and physical health.