The results of a new study published in the scientific journal (Journal of Experimental Psychology: General) revealed that after a person reaches the age of seventy, he becomes happier compared to the previous age stages.

The researchers behind the study found that as people age, they stop noticing the people around them, just like children.

The researchers added that happiness increases with age, which encourages people to live more.

The researchers pointed out that the middle-aged person is less happy, and the levels of anger and fear are greater.

In order to reach these results, the researchers targeted about 10,000 participants of all ages, and were subjected to a series of research and studies.

Professor Laura Germine said: “The awareness of feelings of anger and sadness becomes less with age, while the awareness of happiness increases, meaning that a person becomes more optimistic.”

During his life, a person goes through several stages, which are as follows:

  1. Childhood: The perception of feelings begins to rise, the reaction to anger becomes greater during adolescence, and sensitivity increases as well.
  2. In the thirties: we become aware of all the negative and positive feelings together
  3. In the seventies: Negative emotions such as anger and fear decrease, and the percentage of .