Skin cancer can affect anyone of any age, but some types of cancer are more common in males than females, the most important of which is skin cancer. (1)

But what explains this difference between the sexes? What are the methods of early detection of skin cancer in men?

Why is skin cancer more common in men than in women?

Skin cancer spreads among men, especially melanoma, at a greater rate compared to women by the age of fifty, but this possibility increases more by the age of 65, which makes men twice as likely to develop skin cancer compared to women, while at the age of 80, the probability of infection increases three times compared to with women. (2)

This greater prevalence of skin cancer among men compared to women may be due to the fact that men do not know much about the skin and its health, and men do not tend to use sunscreen to protect their skin from the effect of harmful ultraviolet rays, while a large group of women use sunscreen or other cosmetics With a sun protection factor (SPF), as men are usually exposed to the sun for a longer period than women, either for work, home shopping, or exercise. (2)

Another factor that contributes to the increase in prevalence in men is the nature of their skin, as men have a thicker skin layer than women with less fat and more collagen, which makes them more susceptible to damage caused by sunlight. (3)

Symptoms of skin cancer in men

The symptoms of skin cancer are often similar in men and women. The most common symptom, depending on the type of skin cancer, is the appearance of a change in the skin, either with the growth of a mass or a new mole, or a change in an existing mole, or the appearance of a sore that does not heal. (4)

As for the case, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, it is important to pay attention to four things when a new mole or spot appears on the skin, which is asymmetry or irregular shape of the limbs, asymmetry in color, and an increase in size, especially if it is larger than the size of a pea, and whether it is This spot or mole has changed over time. If a person notices the previous signs, then it is important to see a dermatologist. (4)

Early detection of skin cancer in men

Because men are more susceptible to skin cancer, it is important to pay attention to the signs mentioned above, as they may help in early detection, which is known to greatly increase the chances of successful treatment. It is usually recommended that a person examine his own skin once a month (5), following these steps: (1)

  • Stand in front of a longitudinal mirror to see the entire body clearly.
  • Check the entire forearms, hands, palms, between fingers, and underarms.
  • Check the whole legs, the feet and between the toes.

It is also important to bring a similar mirror to check the back and the entire lumbar region, and the neck and head from behind.

It is also recommended to visit a dermatologist for a periodic examination once a year, and twice if the person had previously had skin cancer or was more susceptible to infection due to heredity. (1)(5)

Skin cancer prevention tips

To prevent skin cancer, men are advised to do the following: (1)

  • Make sure to use sunscreen, especially physical, daily.
  • Wear clothes that protect the largest area of ​​the body when you spend a lot of time outside.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Avoid tanning techniques that expose the body to large amounts of UV rays.

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