Researchers managed in a new study for them, published in the scientific journal ( ), about the relationship between heart disease and heart disease.

The researchers indicated that there is a group at greater risk of infection during sexual intercourse compared to others, and they reported that men are more vulnerable to this risk compared to women.

The researchers reported that, although there is a relationship between the two, the incidence is not large.

The researchers explained that during a sudden heart problem that a man may suffer as a result of sexual intercourse, he stops beating and sending oxygen-rich blood to various parts of the body, such as.

This is different from , in which blood flow to the heart stops, according to the researchers.

During sexual intercourse, a person makes an effort, which increases the risk of sudden heart problems, especially if it is accompanied by taking certain medications or alcohol.

The researchers found that these heart problems occurred during sexual intercourse or within a very few minutes after it ended, and that most of the patients were taking heart medications.

On the other hand, the researchers commented that there is a need to know the number of times a person has sexual intercourse to be at risk of heart problems, and that this does not mean stopping sex, as the risk is very small.