The results of a new study published in the scientific journal (Neurology) revealed that consuming orange juice daily can reduce your risk.

The researchers based on the study indicated that drinking a glass of juice on a daily basis reduced the risk of dementia by approximately 47%, and the juice enhanced their memory and learning abilities as well.

The researchers were able to come to these results after targeting about 28,000 men for an extended period of time, and their dietary habits were tracked.

The researchers explained that fruits and vegetables are rich, including antioxidants that are mainly beneficial for health and the brain, as they protect it from various diseases.

orange juice benefits

Drinking orange juice has many benefits for your health, the most important of which are:

  • Rich in vitamin C: necessary to fight harmful free radicals in the body, and helps in the absorption of minerals, the most important of which are iron and calcium
  • Enhance the health of the immune system: because it contains high amounts of vitamin C
  • A source of dietary fiber: which works to regulate the work of the intestines
  • Protects you from kidney stones: because it contains various acids
  • Improves blood circulation: as a result of containing the necessary folate.