The International Football Association (FIFA) has requested an explanation about the Moroccan player Noureddine Merabet’s participation in his team’s match against Portugal, after he had been exposed to the previous match.

Noureddine Merabet was injured in a match between Morocco and Iran early last week.

The Moroccan national team was accused of ignoring FIFA rules, which state that no player with concussion is allowed to play for at least 6 days.

The federation, in turn, stressed that it takes these injuries seriously, as they may carry serious health complications for the players.

In turn, the doctor of the Moroccan team, Dr. Abdel Razzaq Hefti, stated that the player Noureddine suffers from a minor concussion in the brain resulting from the impact, and that he has undergone the appropriate examinations that proved that he is in a stable health condition and does not cause concern.

In turn, the player Noureddine Merabet insisted on the participation of his team in the match against Portugal, and used a head protector at the beginning of the game, but he later abandoned it.

Head injuries are one of the common injuries among football players, which occur as a result of a player hitting another, the ball or the ground.

A concussion can affect memory, ability to focus, and other things. Concussion does not always lead to a concussion, so it is difficult to determine whether a person has it or not!