The results of a study conducted by researchers from University College London revealed that most cases occur spontaneously after midnight, between one and seven in the morning.

The researchers behind the study indicated that the planned one is usually on the mornings of weekdays, in contrast to the natural birth.

In general, based on these results, more than 70% of births occur after the normal working hours of doctors and patients.

To reach these results, the researchers targeted and analyzed five million births between 2005 and 2014.

The researchers reported that the development that took place in the medical and technological field in recent years helped the birth process greatly, but it was not possible to determine the hours of birth.

While researchers have not been able to explain the phenomenon of natural childbirth after midnight, they believe that women remain active during the daylight hours to rest at night, so labor and delivery at night may provide some protection for new babies.

The researchers, in turn, stressed that these results are very important, especially for workers in the field of gynecology and hospitals, as they give an indication of the best way to distribute the working hours of doctors and nurses in proportion to the real need.