Researchers revealed in their new research, that the prolonged and intense use of mobile and smart phones contributed to changing the shape of the human skeleton.

Where the researchers indicated that there is a bump at the bottom of the head that was not previously, and it has been observed in a number of people now.

The researchers reported that young people develop this protrusion at a young age as a result of using smartphones a lot.

The researchers explained that this may be the result of bending the head down in order to stare at the phones screen, which increases the burden on the structural device, and contributes to changing it.

The researchers confirmed that the most affected are those in the neck and the bottom of the head, as bending the head increases its size, which puts a strain on the muscles and vertebrae in that area.

On the other hand, the researchers explained that this change will not cause any health problems or harm so far, but it cannot be cured.

This means that it is necessary to reduce the hours of use of mobile phones, and try to avoid its continuity, and give it to children in particular.