The results of a new study by researchers from Iowa State University and published in the Scientific Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that missing two hours of sleep per day can make you more angry.

In addition, the researchers based on the study indicated that, it may affect your stress and feelings of sadness and enthusiasm in a negative way.

The researchers were able to reach these results by targeting a number of participants who were divided into two groups as follows:

  • The first group: They maintained their sleep routine, that is, seven hours of sleep.
  • The second group: Their sleep hours decreased by two to four hours each night.

After that, a number of questions were asked to the participants, and they were placed in different situations such as hearing annoying noises, in order to see how they handled things.

The researchers found that feelings of anger over these matters were higher among participants in the second group, that is, those who slept less hours.

The researchers reported that the number of a normal person should range between 6-8 hours approximately.

He stressed the need for self-monitoring in the event of getting fewer hours, in order to amend and correct this.