An international study revealed that Jordan ranks first among males and third among females in the region.

In this study conducted by the American University of Washington, it was found that the percentage of smokers among men in Jordan reached 43.4% in 2012, followed by Palestine with a smoking rate of 41.3% among males, and then Turkey with 39%.

As for smoking among females, it reached 8.5% in Jordan, preceded by Lebanon with a rate of 21.2% and then Turkey, where the percentage of female smoking reached 13.6%.

This study targeted 187 countries, and ran between 1980 and 2012, to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association this month.

The researchers behind the study noted a decrease in the proportion of smokers of both sexes at the beginning of the study in 1980, only to rise again after that.

Unfortunately, smoking is the main factor for many different health diseases, such as heart disease.

Consequently, the number of daily smokers increased from 721 million people in 1980 to 967 million in 2012.

In turn, the Jordanian Ministry of Health made it clear that it is working to combat this bad phenomenon, and that it has implemented the law to prevent smoking in public places such as hospitals and the airport since 2009, but there is a need to do more interventions in this field.