Dear mother, you may be subjected to some criticism for worrying too much about your child’s sleep patterns if he sleeps a lot throughout the day or night, but do not listen to anyone; Because this is one of the natural things that you have, and sometimes the baby sleeps in abundance, find out the answer to the question is it normal for the baby to sleep all night in this article.

Is it normal for a baby to sleep through the night?

To get the answer, we must make it clear that in general, a baby sleeps 16 hours a day, which is the sum of his sleep hours in a day, but it may reach 18-20 hours or more a day. Sometimes, specifically in the first month of a baby’s life, it is normal for him to sleep long.

But in general, all night long, an infant getting more than 19 hours of sleep per day is worrisome and warrants the mother’s observation to see a doctor.

When does the baby sleep through the night?

After identifying the answer, is it normal for a baby to sleep through the night? We explain the situations in which the baby may sleep through the night, the most important of which are the following

  • An infant may sleep a lot through the night when he is sick or when his daily routine undergoes any changes.
  • Growth spurts or growth leaps in other words.
  • Severe infections are rare for a baby compared to older children.
  • Heart disease and lung problems.
  • Premature babies have different growth patterns than full-term babies.

What are the normal sleeping hours for a baby?

There is no fixed sleep schedule for your baby early in life. Because it’s hard to say how many hours a baby sleeps, they generally sleep eight to nine hours during the day and about eight hours at night, and because they have small equipment, they’ll wake up frequently, about every three hours, to get a feed.

How do you wake up your baby from sleep to breastfeed?

Here are some ways to help you wake up the baby, such as

  • Gradually loosen the swaddle.
  • Hold your baby in an upright position so that he opens his eyes.
  • The lights dimmed a bit to be able to open his eyes.
  • Talk or sing to your baby as soon as he opens his eyes.
  • Massage your baby’s feet, hands, arms, back or shoulders as this may help wake him up.
  • Place a cool, damp cloth on the child’s forehead.

When do you see the doctor when the baby sleeps long?

Sometimes the answer is, is it normal for a baby to sleep through the night? It is not normal, especially if he sleeps more than 17 hours a day and all night and does not wake up to get a meal, then the doctor will measure the weight and growth rate of the child to notice any abnormalities.

You should contact the doctor if your baby sleeps for long hours and is showing some symptoms, such as

  • Extreme lethargy after waking the child, or difficulty waking the child.
  • Signs of dehydration, such as fewer wet nappies, darker urine, crying without tears, chapped lips.
  • Extreme irritability or discomfort when waking the infant.
  • Not getting any response when talking to the child.
  • Not paying attention to getting a meal of milk when waking up.

 We advise you to start monitoring your baby’s growth patterns more, and if you notice any of the signs that cause concern, do not hesitate to see a doctor immediately to check on your baby’s health.