A recent Chinese study, published in the journal, found that patients are more able to transmit infection to others before or with the onset of symptoms of the disease on them.

According to an epidemiologist at Harvard University in the United States, based on a previous study, people infected with the virus who did not show symptoms of the disease, are carriers of infection, just like those who show symptoms of infection.

In the same regard, another study published in the scientific found that isolating and reducing the time of interaction of infected people with others helped reduce the transmission of the disease to others, and that the principle had a feasible result. These results came after studying the spread of the virus in China from Wuhan to Shenzhen.

Another study came to support the theory that a new coronavirus patient is able to spread infection to others even without showing any symptoms. In this study, which was published in, the researchers noted that more than 70% of those infected with the emerging coronavirus did not show any symptoms, and they were able to transmit the infection to others in the elderly home in which they were.

And a doctor from Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States indicated that the ability of the patient to transmit the infection to others may become less with the improvement of his symptoms of infection, but it is difficult to determine after the period in which the patient stops permanently transmitting the disease.