The results of a new study published in the scientific journal ( ) revealed that the mother should wait at least one year between the new pregnancy, in order to reduce the risk of any health problems that may affect the mother and the child together.

Not having enough time between delivery and another pregnancy can cause some health complications such as:

  • Small size of the fetus
  • High risk of maternal or fetal death.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had advised to wait at least 18 months for a new pregnancy, but this study confirmed that 12 months is sufficient for recovery and a healthy pregnancy.

The researchers behind the study reported that these results would be a joy for mothers in their mid-thirties who want to become pregnant again.

To reach these results, researchers studied nearly 150,000 births in Canada, and found that waiting for the mother between 12-18 months is the ideal time for another pregnancy.

In addition, the researchers found the following results:

  • Pregnancy before the 12-month interruption of pregnancy Another pregnancy may be associated with serious health complications
  • Women over 35 who become pregnant 6 months after giving birth have a 1.2% higher risk of premature death.
  • Young women who become pregnant 6 months after giving birth have an approximately 8.5% increased risk of preterm birth.