Many women resort to a home pregnancy test to confirm that pregnancy has occurred, especially with the emergence of symptoms, most notably the delay in the menstrual cycle.

When to take a home pregnancy test

It can be done after one day of missing a regular period, but waiting a few days helps to get more accurate results.

In the case of irregular menstruation, it may be difficult to determine the appropriate date for taking a home pregnancy test, and it is preferable to wait for a longer time, or consult a doctor about this. (1) (2)

How to do a home pregnancy test

A home pregnancy test is a stick to which urine points are added, and through the test result, it is possible to confirm that pregnancy has occurred, and you must follow the test instructions carefully, as they may differ from one test to another according to its type.

To get a more accurate result, it is recommended to take a home pregnancy test in the morning, so that it is high, and you should follow the following steps:

  • Read the instructions for a home pregnancy test with pictures shown on the package or on the inside sheet.
  • Wash hands well with soap and water.
  • Remove the test from its package and place it on a flat, dry surface, with the results window facing up.
  • Take the urine dropper that came with the test, and put some drops of urine inside it.
  • Add some urine drops to the place designated for it in the test.
  • Wait a few minutes according to the test instructions until you know the correct result, and some types of home pregnancy test require waiting up to 10 minutes.
  • Once the required time has passed, you can check the results.

It is worth noting that some types of home pregnancy test require urinating directly on the stick, and others have a tip that must be dipped in the urine, so it is recommended to read the instructions first. (1) (2) (3)

Home pregnancy test result with pictures

Before displaying the result of a home pregnancy test with pictures, you must know the different ways to display the results of these tests, as they can be in the form of multiple symbols and shapes, including:

  • Pink or blue streak.
  • Positive (+) or negative (-) sign.
  • Change the window color in the test.
  • The word pregnant or not pregnant.

And now we show you how to read the result of a home pregnancy test with pictures:

A single blue line, a blue tick, a minus sign or the word not pregnant indicates no pregnancy.

While the appearance of the two lines together, or a plus sign, or the word pregnant indicates pregnancy.

It should be noted that the pink line may be light, and this does not mean that it does not occur, but rather it may indicate the occurrence of pregnancy, but it is still in its infancy, and in this case, a blood pregnancy test can be performed to confirm the result.

In rare cases, a positive pregnancy result may appear, but when a blood test is performed, the result is negative, and this may indicate that the pregnancy test is not valid.

The result of a pregnancy test can also be negative, despite the presence of pregnancy, because the pregnancy test has been damaged or expired, so the validity of the pregnancy test must be ensured before using it, and an additional pregnancy test can be tried to confirm the result. (1) (2)