The Saudi Food and Drug Authority warned citizens of the wave of dust sweeping through it, noting that they should take some precautions to preserve their health and safety.

Where the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection clarified the existence of a dust storm concentrated in Riyadh and the Eastern Province and extending to the southern parts of it, which may cause a lack of horizontal visibility and some health problems for a group of citizens.

To avoid these health problems, especially for those who suffer from infection and other chest problems or allergies, follow the following tips and advice:

  • Put a mask on the nose and mouth to protect the respiratory system from entering sand particles.
  • Be sure to sit indoors and avoid open spaces
  • Make sure to take medicines with you if you have asthma, so that you can control any attack that may occur to you.
  • Avoid eating any food that is exposed and made outside the home, as it may have a lot of dirt and sand stuck in it.
  • Keep drinking an appropriate amount of water to avoid dehydration in this weather.
  • Close the windows of the house or car tightly to prevent any sand from entering the house and then inhaling it.

The authority stressed the need to pay attention and caution while driving vehicles in such an atmosphere, in addition to applying the previous steps to avoid any health problems.