The results of a new scientific study revealed that losing a loved one would cause life-threatening infections.

In a study conducted by Rice University, which targeted 99 participants who had lost their partners during the past two weeks, blood samples were taken from them, and they found the following results:

  • Those who had difficulty moving forward in their lives had signs of widespread infections
  • The risk of infection in the aforementioned group increased by 53.4%.
  • The chances of developing depression were higher for those who suffered from infections as a result of losing a partner.
  • The risk of fatal injury and stroke increased due to the loss of a partner.

Where researchers are trying through their studies and scientific experiences to research the impact of losing a partner on the other in terms of health, both psychological and physical.

On the other hand, the study authors noted that those who lost their partners due to death, were more likely to develop various and fatal heart diseases.

They stressed that there is a need for interventions for those who suffer from problems as a result of losing a partner, in order to save the other partner.

In another study, people who had experienced the loss of a partner due to death were found to be about a third more likely to die six months after their partner’s death.

The injury may cause some symptoms, which should indicate the need to consult a doctor if they appear, and these symptoms are as follows:

  • sudden chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • heart failure;