The vagina, like all other parts of the body, secretes normal and acceptable odors, which increase with increased perspiration or a change in the level of female hormones up or down, or for a number of other health or pathological factors.

The smell of the vagina can be accepted most of the time, as long as the vagina is healthy and does not suffer from infection, but when the smell of the vagina worsens to strong or unpleasant odors, here women are looking for ways to get rid of vaginal odor naturally or through medicines.

In this article, we discuss various natural ways to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the vagina for an unmarried wife or girl, and list the most important tips.

Getting rid of bad vaginal odor

Medicines are suitable for women who suffer from certain medical conditions that cause unpleasant vaginal odor and require treatment, but women wonder how to get rid of vaginal odor naturally in the event of unpleasant odors emanating from the vagina.

A number of natural factors affect light vaginal odor, such as the following:

  • Increased secretion of sweat.
  • Playing sports.
  • intercourse.
  • Postpartum period.
  • Diets.
  • Take various types of medications and nutritional supplements.

The previous factors do not need to take medications or treatments to get rid of the smell of the vagina, but some tips that are applied at home, with the aim of reducing the smell of the vagina that does not suffer from pathological conditions, and as an adjunct treatment along with antibiotics in cases of vaginal infection, can be adhered to. (2)

Natural ways to get rid of vaginal odor

Here are some tips and ways to get rid of vaginal odor naturally without using medications: (1) (3)

Continuous and periodic cleanliness of the vagina in a gentle manner helps to reduce the aggravation of vaginal odor and ensure that it continues within the normal range. The following steps are recommended to ensure hygiene and eliminate vaginal odor naturally:

  1. Clean and dry the vagina from front to back, to prevent stool from leaking into the vagina, which may cause infection.
  2. Urinating and washing the vagina from the inside with water only, immediately after the end of sexual intercourse, and this is one of the most important ways to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the vagina for the wife.
  3. Use completely fragrance-free soaps on the outside of the vagina only.
  4. Constantly changing underwear daily, as well as after sweating, and making sure that it is cotton.
  5. Showering on a daily basis, especially after exercising and sweating, ensures that the unpleasant smell of the vagina is eliminated.
  6. Gently dry the entire vaginal area after bathing, and do not leave it wet.
  • Keep away from inside the vagina

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, as the natural balance of bacteria inside the vagina ensures the health and cleanliness of the vagina constantly, without interference from the woman. Therefore, the internal vaginal wash or perfumed soap should be avoided, because they disturb the bacterial balance and pH inside the vagina, and increase the rates of exposure to infection and the occurrence of odors unpleasant;

Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps to ensure the hydration of the vagina, as is the case with the skin and all parts of the body. the vagina.

Moisturizing increases the health of the vagina and its resistance to infection. A dry vagina is very susceptible to infection, because it retains microbes and dead cells inside it, and it is difficult to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the vagina.

  • healthy diet

A healthy, balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins supports vaginal health and helps eliminate unpleasant vaginal odor, compared to diets based on high-fat fast food.

Getting rid of vaginal odor after period

The period of the menstrual cycle needs special care from the woman, as the smell of the vagina changes to a smell similar to iron, copper, or ammonia. Women are advised to do the following to get rid of the smell of the vagina after or during the period:

  1. Use menstrual pads, not reusable washcloths.
  2. Avoid scented pads and tampons that may cause
  3. Continuous change of pads and tampons for a maximum of 6 hours, which is one of the most important ways to get rid of vaginal odor after a period, as a sanitary tampon that is left for a long time inside the vagina may cause a foul smell like mold.

Other tips to get rid of vaginal odor naturally

We previously mentioned the most important ways to get rid of vaginal odor naturally, but there are other methods that women are recommended to follow, including the following:

  • Take probiotics.
  • Avoid tight clothes on the body to get rid of the smell for unmarried women especially.
  • Weight loss, as obesity causes an odor from the thighs and around the vaginal area.
  • Changing personal products that are frequently used in the vaginal area, as poorly made products may cause this smell, including the following:
    • Tissue paper.
    • Menstrual pads and tampons.
    • Unscented soap.
    • lubricants.
    • Types of underwear.