The Lebanese singer Elissa revealed her injury and her treatment journey from a disease, in the new video clip, which was published yesterday.

Where the song that bore the name “For All Who Loved Me” indicated that she had contracted breast cancer, which forced her to undergo appropriate treatment in order to recover.

The video clip showed Elisa’s journey in treatment and the strength she drew from those around her.

At the end of the video clip, Elissa sent a message to all women about the importance of undergoing early detection and its role in the success of treatment, saying: “I recovered.. I resisted the disease and overcame it. Early detection of breast cancer is able to save your life. I love you.”

And Elissa tweeted on her official account on the social networking site Twitter, as follows: “You are the reason for my strength and health. You are my strength, and this story is a thank you to all who loved me.”

And she recently tweeted, after the song received wide response and great and sad reactions from her fans and fans: “This song should not make you cry, it is a reason to smile, joy and gratitude. We can fight cancer if it is detected early. I love you all.”

It is worth noting that the treatment of breast cancer and complete recovery from it is possible if the disease is detected in its early stages, hence the importance of early examinations.