The results of a new study published in the scientific journal (European Respiratory Journal) revealed that eating three pills a day helps slow down the aging process and contributes to repairing the damage caused to them as a result.

The researchers indicated that they found the same results when eating two tablets daily as well.

The researchers emphasized that these results are true if you eat apples or tomatoes in their fresh form, not the canned ones.

The researchers reported that they found that the decline in lung function during the ten years in smokers was less if apples and tomatoes were included in the daily diet.

These results would be the first step in developing a drug that helps smokers protect their lungs from various diseases.

Eating apples and tomatoes would also repair the damage done to the lungs of ex-smokers, and slow down the aging process of the lungs due to age, even if you were not a smoker.

To reach these results, the researchers targeted more than 650 adults in their study, and they were subjected to lung tests, to be repeated after ten years as well.

The researchers found the following:

  • A diet that contains tomatoes and fruits such as apples can reduce the aging of the lungs.
  • The decline in lung function in ex-smokers decreased during the ten years as a result of eating tomatoes and apples.
  • Eating tomatoes and apples repaired some of the damage to the lungs caused by current smoking.

The researchers stressed that these results indicate the importance of eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to maintain good health.