The results of a new study presented at the Scientific Conference ( ) revealed that eating regularly would contribute to promoting the health of

Where the researchers based on the study indicated that men who ate about two handfuls of nuts (almonds and walnuts) daily for two weeks, improved their sperm quality and count.

This study came after men in the Western world suffered from a decline in sperm quality due to pollution, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle and diet, stressing that nutrition plays an important role in this matter.

In order to reach the results, the researchers targeted 119 healthy men, their ages ranged between 18-35 years, and they were divided into two groups as follows:

  • The first group: 60 grams of nuts were added to their daily diet.
  • The second group: Nothing was modified in their diet.

The researchers found that the men in the first group, that is, those who ate nuts daily:

  1. Their sperm count increased by 14%.
  2. Sperm vitality and activity increased by about 4%.
  3. Sperm motility improved by 6%.
  4. Sperm shape and volume improved by 1%.

The researchers reported that the addition of omega-3, antioxidants and vitamin B group to the diet of men, has a good effect on sperm health.

The researchers stressed the need to do more research and scientific experiments on the effect of nuts on sperm to confirm this relationship.