Everyone suffers from a dry throat due to common causes such as colds, leaving the mouth open during sleep, or in the winter months when the cold weather facilitates the infection of dry throat.

The causes of dry throat are often considered normal causes that do not cause concern, but there are other causes associated with serious health conditions that require treatment.

In these lines, we review the most important causes of dry throat, and some treatment methods.

dry throat after sleep

Leaving the mouth open during sleeping hours is the main cause of dry throat after sleep, as the air passing through the mouth dries up saliva, and thus the mouth and throat lose moisture.

A person relies on breathing through the mouth if he has a cold that has damaged the nasal respiratory passages, thus helping to block them.

Some of the other side effects of breathing through the mouth while sleeping are as follows:

  • Mouth odor changes to bad breath.
  • Hearing a strong snoring sound while sleeping.
  • Feeling tired and stressed during the day. [1] [2]

Dry throat due to cold

Everyone encounters a dry throat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that every adult gets colds at least twice per year.

In addition to a dry throat, the common cold causes some other symptoms, including:

dry throat after corona

One of the most recent health conditions is dry throat after Corona. Corona (Covid-19) appeared in the world and caused many respiratory symptoms of varying severity and severity, including:

In some cases, the symptoms of corona may threaten the life of the patient, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases. [3]

A field study conducted in 2021 in the Department of Health and Family Welfare in India revealed the effects of infection with Corona (COVID-19), about 211 cases were studied, and the results were that the most symptoms observed by the study were dry mouth and throat. [5]

Treating dry throat naturally

Dry throat can be treated naturally by relying on a set of home practices that do not need medicines or medical prescriptions. Here are some of these treatment methods:

Honey and lemon for dry throat

Some natural foods and drinks are involved in treating a dry throat naturally, on top of which comes honey with its antibacterial properties, and its ability to relieve mouth and throat congestion.

It is preferable to add honey to warm water to increase the rate of hydration of the body as well. Be careful when using honey, as it is not safe to use for children under a year. [4]

Lemon is one of the richest natural products in vitamins, especially one of the most important immune boosters. Lemon also helps dissolve mucus from the respiratory passages, whether in the throat or nose, and thus get rid of throat infections. [4]

Salt dry throat treatment

Dry throat can be treated by gargling with salt water. Salt kills bacteria and relieves pain caused by dry mouth and throat congestion.

Add half a teaspoon of salt to a small cup of warm water, stir well and use to gargle at intervals throughout the day, then spit out to get rid of it without swallowing it. [4]

In the end, dry throat is not considered a worrying medical condition, as it is often associated with a simple disease that is easy to treat, and with it the dryness of the throat ends, but if the situation continues for a long time, and the situation develops into difficulty swallowing, or difficulty breathing, the request must be expedited. Help and advice from a specialist doctor.