Doctors in New York City announced the possibility of starting a new experiment, which is to use blood plasma from people who have been infected with the virus and have been treated, and to transfer this plasma to patients who suffer from HIV.

Where the doctors explained that the blood plasma is rich in antibodies and proteins that the immune system produced in order to fight the virus in patients, and therefore the use of this plasma may help alleviate the symptoms and treat patients with severe symptoms.

Doctors reported that this technique has been used before, including during the period when the Ebola virus and influenza (H1N1) were spread.

Dr. David L. Reich from Mount Sinai Hospital said: “It is difficult to determine the value of this technology from a scientific point of view and its impact on disease only when it is tried,” and the doctor indicated that this technology will be tested on patients in the hospital. And those who suffer from difficulty breathing, but have not reached advanced stages of the disease.

In turn, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday that it had approved the experimental use of blood plasma in emergency cases to treat infection

This will be taking blood plasma samples from people who have been infected with the new Corona virus, have been treated for the disease and have not shown symptoms of infection for a period of 14 days, provided that they are subject to a virus examination again, with the need for the test result to be negative, and the presence of high levels of antibodies (Titers). ).

The antibodies usually remain in the blood plasma for about a month.