This Brazilian doctor has created a new method that helps pregnant women to relieve them by dancing, based on scientific foundations.

This doctor (Dr Fernando Guedes da Cunha) shoots dance videos and publishes them on his official Instagram account, where you can find him in these videos encouraging pregnant women to dance to get rid of labor pain.

It is worth noting that this doctor does not dance just for fun, as various scientific studies have shown that dancing during labor facilitates and reduces the accompanying pain.

The doctor indicated in several interviews that he combines squatting exercises with dancing, along with a number of other exercises, which work to relax muscles and facilitate childbirth without feeling great pain.

Labor usually lasts an average of eight hours, but practical studies have shown that doing any kind of exercise during this period shortens it and makes it less painful.

A study published in 1998 in the scientific journal (The New England Journal of Medicine) found that women who exercise had a reduced labor time.

In another study published in the journal Nursing Research in 2003, it was found that women feel significant pain at the time of labor if they are lying on their back.

The fetus needs to move through the birth canal, so when the mother moves, she helps her baby do that as well, and contributes to reducing the pain associated with childbirth and labour.

Dancing and movement during labor changes the position of pressure emanating from the baby that puts pressure on the bone structure and organs of the mother’s body.