Cold hands and feet is a common thing during the winter, as the temperature drops dramatically, causing constriction and less blood flow to the extremities and thus feeling cold, but it is possible to overcome this!

Specialists have stated that overcoming the cold hands and feet that you suffer from during the winter is not impossible, so following the following tips will help you overcome this:

1- Wearing a glove that is incomplete is better than the integrated one

One important thing in keeping hands and feet warm is to cover them well.

Loose clothing, such as loose paws, are also better at keeping hands warm.

2- wear socks

It’s okay to wear several socks at once to keep feet warm.

It is also possible to wear more than one blouse for the same reason.

3- Eat spicy foods

Doing so helps get the blood to your extremities more easily.

When you eat spicy foods, your body temperature rises, your heart rate increases, and your blood flow increases.

4- Avoid smoking and coffee

Nicotine works to constrict blood vessels and reduce the amount of blood that reaches the extremities, thus feeling cold in the hands and feet.

5- Eat green leafy vegetables

Eating these vegetables in addition to fish provides you with the necessary nutrients in expanding blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the extremities.

6- Don’t forget the water

It’s important to drink even if you don’t feel thirsty, as water helps regulate body temperature and blood flow.

Specialists pointed out that your inability to get rid of cold hands and feet after entering a warm place and noticing a change in skin color, indicates the need to consult a doctor immediately.