Although we are very interested, the limited time and work outside the house may not allow us to clean all the rooms of the house as it should! Here’s what this new research revealed.

New research reveals that only about a quarter of adults in the UK change their bedding every week, and another quarter use the same sheets for at least four weeks.

But how is it possible to clean the house in the best way? The researchers point out that this answer depends primarily on the number of people living in the home.

In general, the researchers’ recommendations for cleaning are as follows:

  • toilet

It is important to clean your base every two weeks, as it is one of the most common places where germs can breed inside the home. Hot water should be used when cleaning and scrubbing well.

As for the towels, it is necessary to wash them after using them for three times.

The same applies to the bathroom mats that accumulate water from your shower, and even drops of urine that fall from your husband while he is using the toilet, and therefore they must be washed approximately every two weeks.

It is recommended to replace the hand towels daily if the same is used by all family members.

As for the toilet seat, it should be cleaned approximately every five days, making sure to sanitize it daily.

As for the shower curtain, it is preferable to clean it approximately every two days, as it is a suitable environment for the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

  • Kitchen

There are several things that need to be cleaned on a daily basis in the kitchen, which include:

  1. garbage cover
  2. Kitchen cleaning cloths.

As for the refrigerator, it is preferable to clean it weekly, taking care to clean the kitchen sink as well.

  • bedroom

With regard to the bedroom, the following things should be cleaned at these times:

  1. Bed linen: once a week
  2. Bed quilt: It is necessary to expose it to air and sunlight daily, and wash it approximately every 3 months.
  3. Sleepwear: Make sure to wash it after wearing it three times in a row.
  • Living room

Right down to the last room in the house, it is important to clean things in it as follows:

  1. Carpets: It is necessary to clean them deeply twice a year
  2. Pillows: Wash them every three months.
  3. Home phone and remote control: Clean these things daily.