Dietitian (Marta Anhelush) was able to reveal six things that could cause your injury, which were:

1- Decreased stomach acid

Stomach acids are important for digestion, especially for high-protein foods such as meat, so low levels of acid can cause indigestion.

On the other hand, there are some foods that stimulate stomach acids and aid in digestion, including:

  • arthropod
  • watercress

2- Eat fast

We often do this wrong habit, but it may cause indigestion and stomach problems that you need.

To get rid of this, you should stop eating in front of the computer or TV, sit at the dining table and eat it slowly.

3- Increase sugar and refined carbohydrates

Such as sweets and pastas, which cause production in the body, which increases pressure on the intestines, in turn, causing problems with digestion and the digestive system as a whole.

In order to reduce this problem, you should limit the amount of sugars and refined carbohydrates you eat, and focus on yogurt as well.

4- Eat late

We tend to act like this especially during the holidays, but during the night hours, the body is so focused on repairing the damage inside, that it doesn’t have enough time to digest.

If we eat late and go to sleep, the food will stay in the stomach in its undigested form for a longer time, causing problems in it.

Try to eat, especially the last main meal of the day, about three hours before bed.

5- Talking while eating

This happens more during office hours, as we tend to talk to our colleagues and eat quickly, which negatively affects our digestion.

6- Not chewing food well

Always try to chew your food slowly and make sure you mash it well before swallowing it.

Not chewing food well causes indigestion and many other problems in the stomach.