In a new study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, researchers managed to develop an artificial virus capable of killing.

Where the researchers behind the study indicated that it is possible to use newly designed proteins to build hollow structures that can mimic naturally occurring viruses. These viruses are then able to recognize the bacterial cells and eliminate their membrane.

And co-researcher Hassan al-Kassem stated that modern technology was used to see the effect of these viruses on bacteria, as they found that this effect was devastating to bacteria.

Al-Kassem explained that the mode of action of viruses was as follows:

  • Viruses reside on the surface of bacterial cells
  • Viruses break down the bacteria’s membrane and make holes in it
  • This causes the inside of the bacteria cells to leak out
  • This results in the death of bacteria.

The researchers stressed that this study is very important, especially to find a solution to bacterial resistance to traditional antibiotics, by opening doors for new treatments for bacteria away from these drugs.

The researchers added that this new method would help in many things in the future, such as finding new treatments for bacterial infections different from traditional medicines and antibiotics, and benefiting from them in the treatment of some different diseases.