The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ordered the recovery of a number of heart failure patients, containing valsartan.

The center explained that these clouds are due to the presence of a polluting substance, which increases the risk of infection.

In turn, several pharmaceutical companies requested to withdraw their medicines from the market on their own for the same reason.

The American Center explained that the presence of this substance was sudden, and it is believed that it caused changes in the way the active substance in the drug works.

The center stressed that this substance does not pose a real danger, but was exposed to contamination during manufacturing, and therefore the drug manufacturer should not be afraid.

This will not affect the withdrawal of medicines on patients, because there are many other medicines available to them, and the American Center is working with manufacturers to reduce such incidents in the future.

The American Center stated that it is necessary to see the name of the drug and the manufacturer to ensure that the drug is safe or that it has been requested to be withdrawn from the market.

In contrast, patients should not stop taking the drug because of this withdrawal, but it is important to consult a doctor or pharmacist immediately for other options of the drug.

It is important for patients to monitor their blood pressure levels after replacing the medication, as the body may react differently to it.