A new study warned that women’s use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram for only one hour, may reduce their self-confidence significantly.

Where the study indicated that this is due to the questioning of these women about their appearance compared to the pictures of girls on the Internet, which increases them, and they start resorting to solutions that help them lose weight and tan or buy a lot of clothes, for example.

To reach this conclusion, the study targeted 100 women, and asked them to determine the number of hours they spend using Facebook and Instagram.

The lead researcher on the study, Dr. Martin Graff, explained many years ago that the ideal woman’s image is the weak one, and now this image has been strengthened after using social networking sites as well.

Not only that, but women are comparing themselves to their friends’ pictures on social media, despite using the features of changing the colors and shapes of pictures available on the Internet.

The researchers emphasized that the time that women spend in using these sites also affects the reinforcement of this negative feeling for them, and therefore the use of social networking sites for at least an hour may cause an increased risk of infection for these women.