The Chinese government announced travel restrictions in several cities suffering from an outbreak, which is near the city of Wuhan, from which the virus began spreading late last year.

Where it recorded 17 deaths and more than 570 cases of coronavirus so far in China.

The Chinese government indicated that it was working strictly and vigorously to deal with this epidemic before declaring the emergency internationally.

In turn, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia warned its citizens about this virus, and announced that it is working closely to monitor travelers to areas experiencing the spread of the virus so that they are monitored and verified that they are not infected.

What is corona virus?

It is one of the viruses that cause a respiratory infection.

There are several types of this virus, and the most threatening to human health was the one that spread in 2012, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, the one that appeared in 2003, and now the one that appeared in China in late 2019.

The Saudi Ministry of Health indicated that it is believed that the emerging corona virus that appeared in China is of animal origin, as most of the initial cases were associated with the marine and animal markets in the Chinese city of Wuhan.