The outbreak began in China, in the city of Wuhan, in particular, to move to a number of neighboring cities, and countries around the world.

According to some researchers, it is expected that the spread of the Corona virus will continue for six months, infecting tens of thousands of people at least.

Statistics indicate that, so far, at least 412,908 people have been infected with the emerging coronavirus in the world, and nearly 18,560 have been killed, according to World Health Organization statistics.

If the spread of the new Corona virus continues at the same pace, it may double and the number of infected people will increase very significantly by the end of next summer, according to the scientist Professor David Fisman from Toronto.

On the other hand, most countries of the world announced that there are cases of coronavirus infection in them, the most dangerous of which are Italy, the United States of America and Spain.

In light of the ongoing research to study this emerging virus, studies have found that a patient can transmit the Corona virus to a healthy person even before he shows symptoms and knows that he is infected with the virus.

Finally, the solution remains to try to stay away from patients, wash hands constantly, and seek medical help in the event that symptoms of the emerging corona appear and escalate to shortness of breath.